emerge poverty free


Our History

emerge poverty free has gone through many changes over the years in order to better support the communities we serve. Originally established as a humanitarian relief organisation called World Emergency Relief in 1995, we provided short-term relief for vulnerable communities following disasters. But, in the wake of these emergency responses we found it necessary to provide further support to help families rebuild, working with our partners to tailor solutions to address basic needs. 

As this approach evolved we invested in establishing strong partnerships with local organisations and refocused our work to be the catalyst to empower people with the skills, resources and knowledge to overcome poverty themselves. In 2011 we changed our name to emerge poverty free to better reflect our work and vision of a world where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential. More recently we refined our area of work to east Africa to enhance opportunities for collaborative working and knowledge sharing between partners; as well as improving our organisational understanding of the area.

Following our commitment to empowering communities, in 2015 we ceased our gifts-in-kind programme in order to focus entirely on sustainable initiatives. This has enabled us to improve the depth of impact for each beneficiary; and although the cost per beneficiary is much higher, their life and in many cases, their families lives, are transformed forever.

Our new partnership with Send a Cow, effective from 1st September 2017, is the next step on this journey to secure the long-term sustainability of our work and enhance the positive impact for the families we support. Send a Cow is an expert in their field, delivering agricultural livelihoods projects which empower families to secure a future from their land. By becoming part of the Send a Cow family, emerge poverty free will benefit from Send a Cow’s experience, expertise and knowledge which will enable us to grow our work delivering transformational projects which provide the skills, knowledge and resources for families to overcome poverty themselves.