emerge poverty free


Our Values

• COMPASSIONATE:emerge poverty free will show compassion to every person regardless of their faith, beliefs, politics or past. We are motivated by Christian values which teach us the intrinsic value of every person.

• DETERMINED: In all our work, where there is a need we will find a way. We will help those in need even where the circumstances are challenging or considered by others to be intractable.

• EFFECTIVE: Every aspect of our work will benefit those in need. Our work will have
clear aims and outcomes that can be measured. We will be good stewards of the money and resources entrusted to us.

• HONEST: We will be transparent as to how we carry out our work. We will report to donors and potential donors in an honest fashion. We will never make a promise that we know cannot be delivered.

• APPROACHABLE: We listen. We will be open to new ideas. We will make sure that donors, beneficiaries and the public can easily interact with us.