Bunia Farm Urgent Appeal

emerge poverty free’s Bunia Farm Urgent Appeal

Our Community Farm project in Bunia is a real success thanks to the kindness of our generous supporters. So far we have helped 700 orphans who lost their parents in the violent civil war through our partnership with Bunia Children’s Hope Centre in DR Congo.

The orphans have been rescued and now live with loving host families, they have a place in school, and the farm provides all of them with meat, milk and eggs for their school lunch. Despite many of the host families being poor, they do everything they can give the orphans a chance to leave poverty behind.

Unfortunately we have found out that some of these selfless families are facing a new problem. We heard from Sezikana, a brave and hard-working woman, who said;

“I am a widow, my husband was killed and I ran for safety with my children. We have lived on the refugee camp but now we have to move and we do not know what to do and where to go. We need seeds and tools to earn enough to build a house, care for my children and be safe. Please give us hope that we will be ok.”

The developers have already started building the foundations for new buildings on the land they have lived on since fleeing there as refugees. They are being evicted from their homes and have nowhere to go. We can provide land, tools and fast growing crop seeds to be able to sell at market and build simple but secure homes to stop over 1,200 people, including many of our orphans and selfless host families, from becoming homeless and destitute.

If you would like to help more families out of poverty and ensure their children have a bright future to look forward to, you can donate here. Thank you!