Changing lives with latrines and clean water

 Changing lives with latrines and clean water

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Education is one of the most powerful tools we have for fighting poverty. Children who attend school are able to gain qualifications and have the opportunity to escape poverty and build a brighter future with real prospects.

Joyce goes to school in rural Uganda and used to miss a week of school every month because her school didn’t have proper latrines or clean water. She was falling behind at school and came close to dropping out.

Fortunately for Joyce, we built separate latrines and provided clean water and soap at her school. Now that she can attend every day she is well on her way to achieving her ambition to become a nurse.

With the help of our supporters in the UK, emerge poverty free is implementing projects across rural Africa to provide schools with these essentials, while also raising awareness about the importance of hygiene and hand-washing. This work is making a very real difference to thousands of boys and girls.

Your donation today can ensure than children like Joyce can stay in school and stay healthy.