Cholera Returns to Haiti


Yet again cholera is spreading and affecting this earthquake-shattered country. Health officials expect 200,000-250,000 people to contract the disease this year.

Fresh water is hard to come by in Cité Soleil but as rain hits the ground, it turns from helpful to harmful. The water quickly becomes stagnant, flooding rubbish-filled drains and pooling in and around the slums people call home. Kids play in the streets, splashing around in the contaminated water and the safety of drinking water is questionable.

With virtually no plumbing to provide running water and sanitation to the slums of Cité Soleil, Haiti’s rainy season is also the cholera season.

Even in the best of conditions, the area is susceptible to the disease, vulnerable to the bacteria that dehydrate their victims, causing death if not quickly treated. The cholera outbreak in Haiti currently stands as one of the largest epidemics of the disease to affect a single country, and since its post-earthquake outbreak in Oct. 2010, has sickened more than 534,000 people, with a death toll of 7,000.

But the work of several government organisations and NGOs has helped to slow the rising fatality rate. The Good Samaritan Foundation operates a school to provide both food and education to the people of Cité Soleil. As one of the only visible NGOs in this part of the island, Good Samaritan has played a crucial role in distributing necessary food and water supplies, as well as hygiene kits.

Since January 2010, emerge poverty free and the Good Samaritan Foundation have worked to provide food to the children attending school. Students at the five programme-supported schools receive a daily meal of local produce topped by a high protein food, clean drinking water and health monitoring. Water tanks have been installed at the Good Samaritan, La Nativité and Cité Gérard schools. It costs £250 to fill one of these tanks, serving 1,000 people for a day.

If you donate just one pound, you can give one person clean water for four days.

Or you can donate £250 and fill the tank.


With your help, families can have access to clean water and more hygiene kits can be distributed, something especially needed as the rainy season hits Cité Soleil. These simple £10 kits, stocked with Clorox, water purification tablets and hand sanitizer, can be the difference between contracting the disease and not.

Click here to donate and help the people of Haiti fight cholera.