Christmas Appeal: Safe Birth Campaign

Christmas Appeal for Safe Births

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better gift is there than life? You can save a life this Christmas and give a family the greatest gift of all.

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This Christmas, our small team are joining together to raise funds for our Safe Birth Project in Uganda, which has already halved the number of babies dying in 18 months and reduced infections and complications for mothers. 

We hope that you’ll help us save a life this Christmas, by making a gift today which will go directly to saving the lives of mothers and babies in Uganda.

Did you know that every 2 minutes a woman dies in childbirth? But by training Community Midwives, equipping
them with a bike, phone and delivery kit we can provide a safe birth for mother and baby. Almost half of newborn deaths can be prevented and mothers are up to 80% less likely to develop a deadly infection which could rob the child of their mother.

Being pregnant and giving birth in a rural village, far away from hospital or trained staff, at home on a dirt floor is a frightening reality for so many women. Monica and Magaya live in a rural village in Kamuli district, Uganda. They hoped to start a family but despite being pregnant twice, both babies died during childbirth and Monica nearly lost her life too because she was bleeding so heavily.

They were devastated and couldn’t bear the thought of losing another baby.

Fortunately they found out about our Safe Birth Project and Monica started to going to the antenatal classes.

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Monica told us; “I learned many things including nutrition while pregnant, where to go for checkups, and I found out about the Community Midwives who help women who are pregnant and in childbirth. This gave us the confidence to try again for a baby.”

We are committed to doing everything we can but we need your help urgently. Together, we can make this Christmas a bit brighter with love and hope and ensure families like Monica and Magaya’s can welcome a healthy baby into their arms. It costs £100 to train a Community Midwife who can deliver babies safely, £42 to equip a Community Midwife with a bike and phone, £12 to provide antenatal classes for expecting parents and just £3 for a Safe Mama Kit, all of which ensure mother and baby are safe and healthy.

“Seeing the scan of the twins in Monica’s stomach was like magic and we felt so much joy.” – Magaya

We were delighted to hear that their twins were born healthy in December 2014 and were delivered safely by one of our Community Midwives, you can see one of them pictured above with her mother, Monica.

This Christmas you have the opportunity to give the greatest gift of all to a loving family like Monica and Magaya’s, a safe birth and a healthy child. 

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Thank you for saving lives this Christmas.

Find out more about our campaign here