Best wishes to the children in Burundi

Following our Christmas appeal for school uniforms and books for the former street children in Burundi we have been overwhelmed by the heartwarming messages of love, hope, support and solidarity from our wonderful supporters.

We shared Emmanuel’s story. He’s just 12 years old but spent many years living on the dangerous streets of Gitega in Burundi.  Orphaned when he was very young, he couldn’t even remember his family. Our Street Children Centre found him and now he lives with his kind Uncle and is happy and loved.

But, following violence in Burundi many families can’t pay for school uniforms and books because living conditions are very difficult and they are struggling. We are all keeping these brave children and kind families in our thoughts at this difficult time.

If you would like to donate, please do so here.

“I hope that this Christmas will bring the beginning of an excellent education, so that you can grow up to be teachers or doctors or lawyers or anything that you would like to be.”

“In a sky full of stars, such a heavenly view, wishing no more wars, this is my message to you. Read good books to be a child, keep well, have fun, Happy Christmas”

“Many years ago I taught African children in a school in Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia).  I am 87 now and have taught many more children in European schools.  My message to you is: enjoy your life in school with all your heart, what you learn will last you a lifetime.”

“I pray that you have a bright future and that God keeps you safe, sheltered, clothed and fed.  May violence cease, not just in Burundi, but everywhere.  Keep hope alive, all will be well”

 “I’m so delighted that you, Emmanuel, have found your luck and are now at school, I wish you every blessing and ‘may God bless you and keep you in His care’ and remember ‘God is with you wherever you are’.”

“Please be brave, you are precious to God, He cares about you and sees your suffering.  May God send you help and look after you, I will ask him to do that.  I wish you comfort and joy this Christmas.”

“Sending love and best wishes for a better future.  May God bless you and keep you safe.  Happy Christmas and keep up with those beautiful smiles.”

“To Emmanuel and other children like him, enjoy school and a safe home at last, with God’s blessing.  Emmanuel, your name means ‘God with us’.  May God be with you as you start an upward journey through life.”

“Always care for one another as a family.  God bless you and all those that care for you.  May you all grow up to be happy and healthy adults.  Emmanuel, what a beautiful smiling face, I hope you will always keep it that way.  God bless xxx” 

“May the joy of Christmas always be with you, and may the coming year bring you all the special things you’re hoping for.  Jesus bless you all” 

“My blessing to all children in Burundi.  May the day come when each and every child is at school and will become well educated and good citizens of Burundi” 

“A prayer for your protection and happiness this Christmas and blessings on you for the New Year and years to come: that you may have food, shelter, learning, health and love.” 

“Enjoy your time at school- education is the door to a wonderful future. May the lord keep you safe on your pathway through life” 

 “’Keep me fit in mind and heart, body and soul to take my part.’ I hope this prayer will be answered for all of you. Happy Christmas.” 

“Dear Lord, I pray that all the children in Burundi reading this will be empowered, given hope and opportunity, strength and courage, hope and joy and fulfill the life you have for them.  Thank you for Emmanuel’s inspiring story. Amen.” 

“Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and happy Christmas.  May you enjoy your schooldays and satisfying work later.  Also may there be a little time to relax and enjoy some sunny days.” 

“Never lose hope, even people far away care about you.”

“Love to you all this Christmas.  Look after each other and be happy at school.  Look forward not back.  My love is not just for Christmas but always.” 

“My very best wishes to you at Christmas and all through the years to come.  I have enjoyed your calendars in the past, a reminder every day of people who look so happy to have so little” 

“At this special time of year I hope you all receive some special gifts and may there be fun and laughter among you.  Wishing you good health.  Merry Christmas”