At 20th anniversary emerge calls for maternal health support

By Harrison Meyer, emerge poverty free marketing intern, 21st October 2015

emerge poverty free celebrated their 20th Anniversary event at the House of Commons last night, giving attendees the opportunity to reflect on the charity’s work and support their next endeavors.

The staff, along with a number of distinguishable figures, spoke on the topic of sustainable development and the life-threatening struggles that exist in east Africa for many people.

Of particular note was the issue of maternal mortality. In Kimuli, Uganda, four in ten babies die during or soon after birth and mothers are 60 times more likely to die due to childbirth related complications than in the UK. The staff urged guests to join in support for the Safe Motherhood & Maternal Health Project that has already proved efficient in places of desperation.

The project trains community birth attendants and trains women so that they better understand improved nutrition and sanitation. Also, their husbands are encouraged to support their wives during and after pregnancy. Safe Mama Kits are provided to ensure expectant mothers are equipped with the items needed for a sanitary birth. This knowledge, which is shared in a simple and accessible form can then be passed on to other women and eventually down to later generations as a practical method of sustainability.

“It’s rubbish to think that we can’t change people’s circumstances,” said the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary. “History has shown through human endeavour we can make great steps forward, helping people to help themselves.”

emerge poverty free’s mission is to empower individuals so they can lift themselves out of poverty for good. In the past year alone, through emerge-funded projects, 58,000 individuals were helped to break free of poverty and begin living a sustainable life.

The Safe Motherhood and Maternal Health Project will continue to work with expectant and young mothers, and their new-born babies, so that the mothers should not have to fear for their life during a time of joy.