Exciting partnership news


Emerge Poverty Free has formed a new partnership with Send a Cow.

We are delighted to announce that Emerge Poverty Free has formed a new partnership by merging with Send a Cow, an international development charity working with rural communities in Africa with a focus on agriculture, gender, social development and enterprise.

Together we will be better equipped to support even more families in Africa, empowering them to secure their own future from the land and lead their communities out of poverty.

Emerge Poverty Free has a long history of working in partnership with other organisations to support families to overcome poverty. Together, with the wonderful individuals, volunteers, churches, companies and trusts that support us, we have achieved a lot and helped thousands of families along their journey out of poverty. As the funding landscape for NGOs changes, smaller charities like ours are finding it necessary to explore new ways of working and are actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with other charities to achieve more together.

We have chosen to stand with Send a Cow, because together, united by a passion and determination to end poverty in east Africa, we can better realise our vision of a world where every person has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

This partnership with Send a Cow is a significant step on our journey to secure the long-term sustainability of our work and develop our package of support for families in east Africa. By coming together, we will benefit from shared expertise, knowledge and resources facilitated through a joint management structure, as well as realising cost-savings by integrating fundraising, finance and administration operations. All of this will help us continue to deliver quality projects and strengthen our impact which will directly benefit rural African communities.

Working towards a shared vision of a confident and thriving rural Africa where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential, Emerge Poverty Free and Send a Cow will continue to focus on supporting communities to help themselves.

Both charities were founded on Christian values, which guide the work and affirms a commitment to helping those in greatest need. These shared values and the complementary nature of our work makes this a strong and promising partnership. We look forward to sharing updates about our progress and future plans as they take shape.

The ways you can support us have not changed- in fact we see this as an especially exciting time for our supporters as you watch our work strengthen and grow.

To find out more about Send a Cow, you can visit their website here: www.sendacow.org