Entrepreneur: Joice Tabo

Microloans Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

After many years of civil war and armed conflict, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been left rife with poverty and countless numbers of children orphaned and left on their own.

Joice Tabo lives alongside the main road to the airport on an area of land that used to be the UN refugee camp. She has lived there since 2003, when she moved from her village as it was not safe there for her during the conflict.

During the war, Joice’s husband died leaving her on her own, but today, she is not alone as she has fostered two orphaned children named Mapen and Kabasima.

emerge poverty free has provided business skills training and microloans for Joice which she is using to buy charcoal and beans to re-sell. She puts the profits into agriculture, growing cassava and sweet potatoes, selling any surplus that she grows. This allows her to use the agriculture both for the food it provides and to generate income.

Through entrepreneurship, Joice is making a better life for herself and the children in her care. She is overcoming the obstacles she faces in her fight against poverty with confidence in a brighter tomorrow.

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