Places available for the London Marathon 2017

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London Marathon 2016 has come and gone and there are still many happy memories for many thousands of people and many charities.

However, the 2017 London Marathon is already calling to us and emerge poverty free would like to make it the best year yet for our running team and our beneficiaries.

We have 10 places to fill and would love to have even more runners supporting us across the miles.  Are you one of those?  Do you know someone who wants to run their first or twenty first London marathon and would do it for emerge?

Emerge may be small but we like to think we are perfectly formed and we do our utmost to make sure we make every penny work and every decision maximise impacts.

In the last year we reached 49,340 people though our projects, over half of these were women and girls.

We try to work as holistically as possible to make the best impacts so I thought you should know the difference your support will make..

Just this week, I learnt just how much success one of our communities has had from their new chicken farm.  In the last 12 months it has produced 108,000 eggs!

This means that every child in the community gets to eat an egg every day and they still have enough left to sell and raise an income which they have used to buy 2,000 more chickens and build toilets for the community school.

Those eggs are a precious source of daily protein, something that our children have never been able to rely on, until now and  toilets mean sanitation.  That means a significant reduction in disease and somewhere for girls to change when they are having their periods.

This means the girls go to school and do not have to drop out for 5 days every month.  We know that girls who stay in education get married later, have less children and make sure their own children get an education.

We empower women and girls to achieve things they never thought possible.  Can we do the same to you? Can you run a marathon or find someone who can?

Please help. Apply now.