emerge poverty free


Our Work

emerge poverty free works across east Africa to help people lift themselves out of poverty and give children the chance to learn.

We believe education is the foundation of a thriving community and the most effective way to escape poverty. Across sub-Saharan Africa, 30 million children are missing out on a primary school education.

Without an education there are far fewer opportunities for children to escape poverty in their lifetime. By working in partnership with local organisations in 7 countries, on the 4 key themes below, each of our projects addresses the most critical barrier to education in that area.

Food Security - We enable parents to grow enough food to feed their families and to pay for their children's school fees by supporting their farming cooperatives with skills and tools.

Income Generation - We provide numeracy, business skills and access to microloan schemes to women to enable them to start small businesses and become economically independent.

Advocacy - We work with communities to advocate the importance of education, especially for girls who face most barriers. Adult literacy classes are critical to this as they foster understanding from parents.

Water & Sanitation - We keep children healthy by installing clean water sources and latrines in primary and secondary schools. We also provide hygiene and menstrual health management training.

You can explore all of our life changing projects by clicking on the links on the left. We hope it inspires you to join us in our fight against poverty.


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