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Project Solar Grow

An estimated 40% of the world’s people are small-scale farmers, and they are responsible for supplying the majority of the world’s food. At most these farmers may have a few acres but many are subsistence farmers, producing enough to feed their families with very little surplus for trade. They often have to fight damaging environmental conditions such as drought, desertification, and poor soil fertilisation, which can drastically reduce their yield, and make them work harder than ever for what little they are able to produce.

Imagine what a huge difference even just a small growth in yield would make to these farmers, to their families and to global development.

The SG1 (SolarGrow) is complete mobile germination and seedling plant factory specifically designed to aid the fight against world hunger. Arriving on site as a 40ft shipping container the unit unpacks within two hours and starts producing large quantities of seedlings that can be distributed to local farmers. SG1 is designed to fight conditions like those mentioned above, and it is also hugely increases both growing times and yield per acre. For example each unit can produce up to 50,000 Maize seedlings in a week, by speeding up the germination time of the seeds.

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