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Project Sustainable fisheries in Mwanza


Tanzania is considered to be one of the world’s least developed and most rural countries – with 40% of the adult population earning less than $1.25 per day. Unsustainable environmental practices, deforestation and water borne disease all exasperate the hunger and poverty.

emerge poverty free through their local partner SIDI (Sustainable Investments and Development Initiatives) is working to empower 250 fisher women in Mwanza, Tanzania, along the shores of Lake Victoria. This project will enable these women and their families to become self-sustainable. It will also improve the environment of Lake Victoria, as it currently suffers from over-fishing and pollution.

This project will train vulnerable women in fish farming and other economic activities and healthcare knowledge. In addition to the direct community benefits, the project will also enable the planting of 10,000 trees along the shores and waters of Lake Victoria. These trees will contribute to restoring Lake Victoria’s ecolocigal sustainablility and within four years each housholds will have sufficient wood from their individual tree lots for cooking and building materials instead of plundering forest resources.

The project started in early 2015 and so far the women have nearly doubled their daily incomes as they have created micro businesses and sold fish in their communities.

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