emerge poverty free


Project Kinama Womens' Training


emerge poverty free worked with local partner Restoration of Hope (RoH) in Burundi to provide sewing and business training to 40 women who, upon graduation, received a sewing machine which enabled them to earn a living.

During their time at the Training Centre, the women built up a client base and learned business skills. By providing a means for single mothers to take care of their family, the programme helped to prevent children from ending up on the streets.

The trainees graduated from practical training part of the programme between June 2012 and December 2013. The women were all aged between 16 – 20 years and majority had up to 15 siblings to support, while others had children of their own. Some of the women have already established their own businesses on the local market and some are working from home. The biggest impact the project is having on the trainees is in the respect they are shown by their families and the confidence that having an employable skill gives them.

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