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Project Safe Motherhood in Uganda


While many motherhood programmes have been initiated in Uganda, the majority are based in urban areas rather than the rural regions, which still have little access to medical resources.

emerge poverty free has partnered with URICT on a Safe Motherhood initiative across six villages in the Kamuli region of Uganda. This project aims to provide maternal healthcare to vulnerable women in rural areas.

The women in this district often have no access to transport or mean to hire it. Since traveling to the hospital on foot during labour can be incredibly difficult most women give birth at home alone without any medical assistance or clean equipment. This results in unsafe childbirths with high chances of complications and infections taking lives.

Tailored to expectant mothers and their husbands, this project is striving to increase maternal health and reduce mother and infant mortality through the provision of health education and resources. Lessons are focused on nutrition, ante-natal care, safe childbirth, and postnatal health care. Trusted women from the local community are being trained to be Birth Attendants in order to provide women with a safe and convenient alternative to hospital. We also provide Safe Mama kits which provide clean essentials for a safe home birth.

Since the project began in May 2014, 3,250 women have been trained in safe motherhood and the number of births which have been attended by a trained birth attendance has risen by 75%. The number of babies dying during or shortly after birth in the project areas has halved. We are continuing this project during 2017 and are planning to train another 5,500 expectant mothers across 11 villages as part of our life saving Safe Births campaign.

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