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Project Women's Literacy in Kenya

emerge poverty free is partnering with the  Fresh Women’s Group to improve the situation of the most vulnerable women in rural areas of the Siaya district of Kenya. To achieve this, we are funding literacy classes and HIV/AIDS prevention education sessions.

In Kenya, women form the most underprivileged group in society. Even though attitudes are slowly changing, the cultural belief that education is only for boys is still prevalent in vast areas of the country. Due to this, many women were denied an education when they were school age. Without the ability to read and write, they are now left vulnerable to exploitation and face a higher risk of HIV infection.

emerge poverty free are funding literacy classes to empower these women, which are being conducted by a local organisation and are attended twice a week for three months. The project aims to provide literacy skills for 100 women in the area. It also will reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS by running prevention education sessions each Friday, and informing them about many other aspects of health for their community. 

Literacy has acted as an eye opener as the women acquire a better understanding of the world around them, which has empowered them to make independent decisions. Their newly acquired knowledge makes less vulnerable to poverty, domestic violence, and the transmission of diseases. With the skills and knowledge acquired through this project, these women will be empowered to play an active role in the development of their community.

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