Saving lives in childbirth


Every 2 minutes a mother loses her life due to preventable causes during pregnancy or child birth. In rural Uganda, the lives of both women and newborns are at risk on a daily basis, with no choice but to give birth at home on a dirt floor far away from hospitals or trained staff.

No mother should have to risk her life to give birth, especially when most deaths can been easily prevented. Emerge Poverty Free is working in partnership with local partner URICT-Uganda to save the lives of mothers and babies with our Safe Birth project.

We are raising vital funds to save lives by training community midwives and equipping them with bikes, allowing them to reach pregnant women in the rural villages of Kamuli and deliver their babies safely.

We also distribute a Safe Mama Kit to each expectant couple, containing soap, gloves and a clean sheet to provide hygienic conditions to give birth, even at home on a dirt floor, this reduces the risk of developing a deadly infection by 80%.

Paired with antenatal classes involving both parents and preparing them for the birth, this project gives women a stronger support network during pregnancy and helps them have a safe delivery. These simple methods are already having a huge impact: in the villages we have reached so far the death rate of newborns has been halved over 18 months.

We are incredible proud of the impact this project has made so far but with another 9 villages asking for our support, our work is only just beginning.

It costs £100 to train a Community Midwife who can deliver babies safely, £42 to equip a Community Midwife with a bicycle and phone, £12 to provide antenatal classes and just £3 for a Safe Mama Kit, all of which ensure mother and baby are safe and healthy. Please support our life saving work by donating whatever you can afford today.

Visit our Humans of Safe Birth Campaign to read about the real life stories of mothers and fathers we’ve helped so far.

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