Support the Speckled Jims

By Louise Olofsson, Project & Funding Coordintator – 7 October 2014

The Speckled Jim’s are a group of friends who are keenly interested in making a tangible difference to the lives of those in need around the world. Like us, they believe that education is the key to providing underprivileged children with a path out of poverty.

For their first project, we are very excited to announce that they have chosen to partner with emerge poverty free, and to help us set up a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme at Abako School in northern Uganda. Not only will they be fundraising for this project, they will also be using their combined professional experience to make an amazing contribution to Ugandan schoolchildren who are in desperate need.

Much of the basic infrastructure in Uganda was destroyed in recent years by the violence involved with the rise of the Lord’s Resistance Army, causing a disastrous effect on sanitation and hygiene facilities.  9.2 million people in the country are now without safe water and 26,000 children are dying from associated diarrheal diseases each year. Not only is community health suffering, but education is too – ill and dehydrated children are less likely to attend school and when they do, concentration is difficult and performing well becomes almost impossible. Unless there is a change, future generations of Ugandans will be stuck in the same cycle of poverty as their parents.

Fortunately, emerge poverty free have been able to help many schools and their surrounding communities break this cycle. Here’s an example of a similar project in Awei sub-District. Providing vital WASH facilities and teaching students about the importance of good hygiene has changed lives and spread good practice to whole communities.

With the help of The Speckled Jim’s, we will now be able to extend that assistance even further, by drilling a borehole, providing hygiene classes and installing an Ecosan latrine. Hundreds more children will be healthier, happier, and able to concentrate fully at school as a result. Each one will have a brighter future and will be better equipped to rebuild their country.

If you’d like to find out more about The Speckled Jim’s and how you can support them in their quest to improve sanitation and hygiene for Ugandan schoolchildren with emerge poverty free, please click here.